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McC Projects Featured in Trade Journals

McC has been featured in various trade journal publications for projects completed and for articles by key employees including:

  • Feed & Grain March 2015 A New Benchmark for Grain Elevators - Landmark Services Cooperative Fall River, WI shuttle loader McC Project ID 1305
  • Grain Journal September/October 2015 Crossroads Terminal - 81-20 Grain, LLC new shuttle terminal at Randolph, NE McC Project ID 13013
  • Grain Journal January/February 2016 Wheat Growers Adds Steel Annex at South Dakota Rail Terminal - South Dakota Wheat Growers at McLaughlin McC Project ID 15060
  • Grain Journal January/February 2016 One Big Cleaner - West Central Cooperative Adds Cleaning System to Improve Marketing Flexibility West Central Cooperative at Jordon IA McC project ID 15040.
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