The personal health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and third parties are our top priority. Since McC's inception in 1992, the company's safety program has evolved into a comprehensive written program under the direction of our Safety Steering Committee. Our commitment to our stakeholders continues with our RAISE your Standards program, our LIFE initiative, our safety program and our health & wellness initiative. #giveadamn


June is National Safety Month

McC is proud to be a National Safety Council member. Every employee deserves a safe workplace.

Safety is our culture, not a checkbox.

"National Safety Council members share an unwavering commitment to making people's lives safer on and off the job. We are proud to count McCormick Construction among our membership and look forward to working alongside them to save lives, from the workplace to anyplace." -Ingrid Schoen, Senior Director, Membership, National Safety Council

As McC has grown so have the needs and demands of regulatory agencies and the industries and clients served. Our Safety Program provides comprehensive training to all project management and field personnel including OSHA and MSHA certifications. Specialized training and certifications are also provided for crane operators, foreman, and superintendents with primary responsibility for field operations. Our Safety management personnel are OSHA 500 certified trainers. McC also works closely with project owners, general contractors, and construction managers to comply with all job specific and regulatory requirements on all job sites.

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"LIFE" logo: Leave Injury Free Every day.

Project Safety is Our Number One Priority.

Crew of men in hard hats and neon shirts working on a construction site.

We first identify conditions that are harmful to the safety and health of site personnel. From there we proactively initiate procedures and solutions to reduce, remove, and prevent unsafe conditions. These procedures and practices are well documented in job task analysis for each task under the direction of field management. Periodic inspections are conducted by management to ensure that policies and practices are followed.

McC also maintains qualifications as a contractor - subscriber through clients' own, or third party, prequalification sites including: ISNetworld, Avetta, FirstVerify and Safety Management, Inc. We also conduct subcontractor prequalification on all site subcontractors to document and assure that all subcontractors are meeting the requirements of McC’s Safety program in addition to any client specific requirements.